Socialized Communications
Branding, Tagline Development, Stationery Design, Keynote Template



Socialized came to Straydog Branding for help with communicating their offering in a more professional and on-brand manner. They enlisted Straydog to improve typography & layout, create an impactful logo for applications such as social profiles and create a concise & transparent tagline to express the brand message. 


A key focus of our branding strategy was to give Socialized a unique voice. With their friendly service and old school business ethics, we worked with those primary message to create a brand story and position the business as a leading competitor to other digital communication firms. We work with their team to develop a tagline — " Amplify your brand.", which speaks more to what they do and lends itself to brandplay.

The Brand Identity and logo design for Socialized incorporates a megaphone to symbolize communication and the idea that, with the right tools, you can capture an audience and amplify your message. Additional elements of the brand identity include a simple colour palette and vintage paper/stamp texture. These attributes aid in communicating the classic “old school” sensibility of the brand story. This logo can be used in it’s full form, or simplified version, and can also be reproduced using a stamp.