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The Raw Truth


When Bonnie Judd approached us in search of a brand for her raw dog food, our ears immediately perked up! Bonnie is an animal trainer for the film industry working on such films as as Air Bud and the X-files. Her passion for healthy pets at the top of their game was instantly obvious.

After making and selling an un-branded raw food to clients, friends and small shops for over 20 years, Bonnie saw the need to get the product into the paws of more people! She saw a gap in the market for pathogen-free, certified and safe raw dog food, and needed a branding agency who could develop a brand that would convey her message and her passion. The Raw Truth provides safe & nutritionally balanced pet food For people who want their pets to live long, happy lives, in an era where pets are family.


First we developed a name that would communicate the core of our brand message — honest raw ingredients. The Raw Truth projects a sense of clarity, honesty and truth. The food is tested an re-tested in a human-grade facility and meets the HPP anti-pathogen certifications, and uses only whole fresh ingredients. We think this hits the mark!

At the core of the brand identity we created a bone logo made up of two hearts and an infinity symbol. This graphic reinforces the company’s love for pets and desire to continually create the best possible nourishment for them. It also represents the hope of longer-living “infinite” health of our beloved pets.

The package design followed this raw, natural message—using craft paper pouches, warm earth-tone colours and heart-warming photography of dogs in their element.

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