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Resident Doctors of BC

Resident Doctors of BC


In 2014, the client came to Straydog with the name PARBC (Professional Association of Resident Doctors of BC). As the professional association that represents 1300 resident doctors working all over BC, PARBC’s mission is to raise awareness about who resident doctors are and what they do. However, they felt that the PARBC name did not effectively represent who they were or what they did. A new name was in order and new brand to go with it.


We worked closely with the client’s executive team to settle on the new Name: Resident Doctors of BC. The new Resident Doctors of BC logo uses a rounded sans-serif font and simple wordmark layout. It exudes warmth and approachability, two key attributes of the company. The new visual identity better captures the en;ergy0, passion and progressive drive of the brand and the resident doctors.

We’ve designed a thoughtful use of a stethoscope and cross which connect DOCTORS with BC. The blue/green represents the doctors and the red represents the health of BC.

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