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SWITCH website

Straydog has just launched the new website (BC Health Care Occupational Health and Safety Society). The project required a deep-dive into the content and messaging requirements for the organization as this is their first website. It also required a deep understanding and an analysis for the content requirements for all of their key stakeholders, ie: those that would be using the website, including:

    1. The BC Ministry of Health,
    2. Each of the Regional Health Authorities of BC (Vancouver Coastal Health, Island Health, Interior Health and Northern Health and Fraser Health),
    3. The Provincial Health Services Authority,
    4. BC Nurses Union,
    5. WorkSafe BC,
    6. Doctors of BC,
    7. The Hospital Employees Union,
    8. Health Sciences Association,
    9. BC General Employees’ Union (BCGEU),
    10. Ambulance Paramedics and Ambulance Dispatchers Bargaining Association (APADBA).

The website is thoughtfully designed using clear and intuitive icons and imagery, for easy navigation, the menu provides introductory text, providing the reader with a snapshot of what content can be found in each section, the colours are on-brand, visually appealing while also providing a good amount of contrast for readability.

Services provided:

  • Digital and SEO strategy,
  • UX and IA
  • Content strategy
  • Digital design,
  • Technical analysis and recommendations for functionality
  • WordPress development
  • Content upload
  • WordPress CMS training and support


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