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Paladin Security


In 2016, Paladin began to move into the USA, which was no easy feat considering the level of competition in the US. In order for this US expansion to be successful, it meant that the Paladin brand would require some re-focus and re-fining for the US marketplace. The US is a much different marketplace, especially with respect to security, and this meant that success in the US would be dependent upon the ability for Paladin and the Paladin brand to effectively communicate their core difference and value-added benefit of being a security company focused on providing the highest standards of security service, custom-tailored to each clients requirements based on the industry in which they operate. This move also required a new brand name for the US marketplace and a new website as well, the PalAmerican website.  We also built their new US intranet site for their US employees. This expansion was also the right time for Paladin in Canada to re-focus their brand and digital presence in this country. For that to happen, we partnered with Paladin to design and develop their new Paladin Security website.


Re-focus on the Paladin digital presence to emphasize the core essence and business advantage of Paladin Security; industry expertise, highly skilled guard services, fully-integrated, comprehensive security services tailored to each clients' needs based on the industry in which they operate.