Branding, Package Design, Advertising Design


The Challenge
Straydog was tasked with the challenge of creating a packaging design solution for HITCASE, a ruggedized, waterproof, mountable iPhone case designed to turn an iPhone into an action camera. 

The Brief

As a breakthrough product in the mobile case category, the brand, product, and package needed to work cohesively and communicate a new perspective on what a phone case could do and why consumers should trust and choose HITCASE. 

The packaging needed to have clear differentiation, both visually and structurally from its mobile case competition. The primary challenge was to communicate the long list of features and differentiators, without having a cluttered package design. The secondary challenge was to have a package that could display the case nicely in the box so consumers did not need to open the box to understand the product.  

The Strategy

The packaging front displays the case bold against the blue inset, showcasing the wide angle lens the cases ability to be mounted. The back gives a snapshot of the features while the inside flap is contextual and aspirational, allowing the consumer to flow through the product story, discovering HITCASE in layers. 

The Process

After months of trial and error with the package's construction, we came up with a solution that would convey the brand message and product functionality in a clean and engaging way that wouldn't make customers have to dig in to a box to see what it's all about. 

To accomplish this, our team undertook a full exploration of various types of packages and boxes and worked closely with the package producer to come up with a custom dieline for HITCASE.  

Once the substrate was decided on, we developed typography, photography, graphic elements and a set of icons to represent the key features of the HITCASE.   

The Results

In the 5 months since product launch, HITCASE closed deals with Major US and European retailers such as Brookstone, Best Buy, Fry's Electronics, REI, EMS, Zumiez, Gravis and more with key distribution lined up in many major markets.  

You'll also see Hitcase in many of the premier Ski Resorts in the world in the early part of 2014. This is unprecedented for a brand that is less than one year old as retailers see the opportunity for their customers to use their mobile devices in new and exciting ways.  

HITCASE is laser focused on enabling active people to go out and do things that weren't possible before, by offering a brilliant 3x Wide HD lens, waterproof and shockproof protection and handsfree mounting options for Helmets, Chest, Floating Mounts, Bikes, Vehicles, and just about anything else. All while allowing complete accessibility to the user's iPhone. Whatever sport you do, if you've got an iPhone, HITCASE makes it better.