Dixie Energy Trust
Branding, Website Design, Presentation Template, Stationery

Dixie Energy Trust


With producing oil fields and a leadership team including CEO of Fletcher Petroleum Corp., Dixie Energy Trust had the ingredients for success. As a next step, Dixie appointed Straydog to develop a brand and new corporate website.


With a sharp focus on corporate, clean, and approachable, we worked closely with the executive team to define the brand, articulate its purpose and design the brand’s visual identity system.

One of the first tangible outcomes of our work was the Dixie Logo. Dixie was named after the ten dollar note, and as a symbol for 10, the X element of the logo became part of the visual language of the brand.

The X element incorporates a subtle Arrow and Oil drop, to aid communicating the nature of the business. The graphic can easily be applied to a wide array of marketing collateral, helping Dixie create a consistent visual language.