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Garibaldi Glass Website – 2021


The Garibaldi website was over 8 years old and needed a major re-design and re-structuring. We worked closely with GGI through most of 2021 to help them define their new website presence, while providing a full-suite of services to design, build and launch a new website in October 2021


A massive improvement on the old site, the new site highlights Garibaldi’s brand positioning, better organizes the web copy into logical content areas using concise and obvious Menu titles such as What We Do, What We  Offer and Who We are. The Gallery/portfolio section is much more impressive while also allowing the client to easy manage and add projects as they go.

The content has been professionally copywritten to ensure that it is on-brand and on point, while also being engaging and actionable where necessary using frequent Calls-to-Action to ensure that the users’ experience is quick and effective.


  • Digital strategy
  • Wireframes and UX
  • Website design
  • Graphic Design
  • Website development
  • Copy writing for web
  • Graphic design for sales and marketing collateral
  • Website support and maintenance


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