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The Press Room


The team from The Press Room came to Straydog in late 2018 to help them develop a name and brand for their new Coffee House.

The original name they had was Roastoast, and after we conducted a thorough Brand Discovery to determine their objectives and brand positioning, we concluded that the Roastoast name was not going to work for them. So we then embarked on an exhaustive Name Development exercise, that resulted in the selection of the new name: The Press Room.

The Press Room Bakery & Cafe’s objective is to serve high quality, fresh coffee & wholesome, delicious baked goods in a cosy, relaxed environment. It will be a place to reconnect, form communities and celebrate life’s simple pleasures. With a warm, cosy, urban feel, The Press Room brand and coffee house evokes feelings of relaxation and comfort. The Press Room experience will be memorable, bringing the exquisite into the everyday and providing an environment for nurturing community and celebrating the human condition.


The Press Room logo is a classic serif font, reminiscent of newspaper headlines. Quotation marks, linked together to symbolize, news, conversation, authenticity and connection. The first shape is also a latte finished with artwork that reinforces the message of connection, community, health and love. As well as really good coffee!

The Press Room opens mid December 2019 in Olympic Village in Vancouver at at 1778 Columbia Street!



  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Business Card design
  • Brand Standards
  • Graphic Design for menus, retail signage and sales & marketing collateral


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