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Soji Gifts & Collectables


In April of 2017, Straydog was approached by Ariel Chao to help her brand her new company, Soji Gifts & Collectables. Soji is a geek chic boutique with an online store in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. As purveyors of designer toys, collectables, unique gifts, apparel and home & office products, Ariel was looking for a fun and unique brand identity and logo that would stand out from the crowds and represent her passion for playful, collectable and designer toys and clothing.


To create the SOJI identity we looked to Asian pop culture for inspiration, drawing on its sense of playfulness and whimsy. The result is a congenial, bubbly brand design that aptly reflects the collectibles market segment.

The SOJI wordmark itself is intentionally minimal. While its primary form is simple black-and-white, it can also act as a container for colours, textures and backgrounds, extending the visual language of the brand.

Part of the brand language is the Soji “glyph”, a stylized octopus seal that functions as an unofficial mascot. The glyph is used as a visual device to add depth and personality to various brand applications.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design for packaging & collateral
  • Store Signage
Working with Straydog was a pleasure, they made the process very easy and stress free with clear and quick communication and friendly service which was such a relief while opening a new business. Their work exceeded my expectations and they responded to all of my requests on a timely manner even if it was a last minute request. I’ve gotten many compliments on the branding and graphic design and couldn’t be happier with the results
- Ariel Choa, Owner
Soji Gifts & Collectibles


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