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The Cove Sports Recovery + Injury Prevention


The good folks at The Cove had just recently completed branding project with a freelance graphic designer and they weren’t too happy with the results. The logo design and brand positioning didn’t represent what they had intended: unique, quality, appealing and modern. We see this often…companies trying to save a bit of money by selecting a designer or agency based on price. This is not a recipe for success. What’s that saying…oh yeah…..You get what you pay for!!  The price paid to engage an experienced branding agency is not an expense, it’s an investment in your business that will pay dividends for years to come. Do it cheaply, get the wrong results and you pay the price in lost revenue and sales every day. Do it right and the results will bear fruit for many years.


We started by taking the owners at The Cover Sports Recovery through Straydog’s exhaustive Brand Discovery session. In this session, we uncover the uniqueness about their business, what drives them to to do what they do and WHY, how they’re different and how they want to be perceived. This session is a valuable exercise for our team, but it also proves to be a very rewarding for the client as well, as they often learn more about themselves and what that they need to do to be successful in their business.

The results of the new brand identity is a modern, minimalistic design, in black and white, with the use of vibrant supporting brand colours. The sleek font communicates professionalism and the science-based injury recovery and prevention therapies that their business provides.

The logo stands alone and represents movement, motion, sports and activity. We also added the term “+ Injury Prevention” to the tagline, adding a bit more description to the original “Sports Recovery”.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity / Logo Design
  • Graphic Design for business collateral
  • Retail Signage
  • Vehicle Wraps


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