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Waves Coffee House, 2018


Waves Coffee House operates stores in BC and Alberta. In the Fall of 2017, we were tasked with developing new themes and design or their Holiday 2017 coffee cup designs. In 2018, we were again tasked with creating their Holiday creative. This time around, we not only designed cups and bags, but also a new Gift Card, packaging tags, as well as window decals for all of their BC and Alberta stores. Once again, we excited and proud to be working with Waves Coffee House.


Waves Coffee’s brand positioning is about sustainability, but also about community and connection. Their stores are are “Your Place to Connect”, where they support community and the spirit that “Community connections are deeply nurtured in the field of shared stories”. Come into your local Waves Coffee and share your stories with fellow coffee lovers. To help celebrate and nurture this brand positioning, Straydog created new 2018 Holiday designs that evoke community connection over coffee, in the spirit of a holiday scene.


  • Marketing Ad Campaign, strategy and development
  • Graphic design for Coffee cups,
  • Graphic design of menu boards,
  • Graphic design for gift cards,
  • Graphic design for food tags and “Pairs Well With” tags,
  • Graphic design for employee pins,
  • Graphic design for retail store front windows – 2018 Holiday season window decals,
  • Art Direction and on-site photography for photo shoot for the 2018 Holiday coffee and tea drinks
  • Print-production



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