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Product Packaging must do more than simply look pretty, it must work to cut through the white noise that is the crowded supermarket shelf, and attract a potential buyer — hopefully connecting them with the brand on an emotional level.

At Straydog we’re a branding agency who also specializes in packaging design solutions for a wide range of industry sectors. When we are asked to develop package design, we are often faced with client who don’t realize the magnitude of the project. Many clients think that it’s something that can be turned around in a number of weeks, but package design is a highly technical and time intensive process, requiring many hours of strategy, consultation, review and revisions. [+]


If someone were to ask you about the story behind your brand logo, how would you respond?

When it comes to branding, logos usually get the most attention, but a logo is nothing without a great brand behind it. A logo should be an impression, a suggestion or a clue. It’s really there to inspire trust and capture the essence of your brand story. [+]

Corporate Branding takes significant time and energy. Our clients breathe a sigh of relief when the branding process is completed, but despite the temptation to relax, the end of the branding process is only beginning. It’s not a destination; it’s a starting point.

When launching a brand, we encourage clients to partner with us in doing an internal brand launch and knowledge transfer. This means educating your staff about the new brand, answering specific questions they have and encouraging them to share in a cohesive brand launch. [+]

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