At our branding studio we believe brands are fundamental to a competitive business advantage in the marketplace. Businesses who effectively manage their brand are better positioned to drive brand preference, create loyalty and command a premium.

Consistency in brand expression is one of the most important benchmarks for success. As touch-points increase and consumers become more sophisticated and perceptive, brand managers play an increasingly essential role by ensuring a cohesive experience, both graphically and verbally speaking, every time it interacts with a customer.

Graphically Speaking

Graphically speaking, the brand managers must maintain a consistent look, presentation and application of the graphic design including; logo, graphic elements and visual style. This consistent application must be applied to all touch-points including print design, web design, signage, social media profiles and so on. Consistency can be achieved through the section of the Brand Standards Manual which provides official standards to ensures proper logo placement, graphic usage and colour matching.

Building brand value doesn’t happen overnight, but it can take only moments to diminish it. Something such as using the wrong typeface on a brochure suggests a company that lacks discipline and doesn’t pay attention to the details.

The Brand Messages

Great brands are like people — they have personalities that remain unwavering in certain compelling ways without being inflexible or rigid. This notion holds true when we talk about brand messaging. It is the customized verbal strategy that guides and defines the way an organization communicates its particular point of view.

Words have the power to inspire, to motivate and engage. Perpetually evolving and expanding, language enables distinct articulation and expression of what we want to say and how we want to say it. Something this powerful needs not to be taken lightly. If the brand managers do not consistently apply their brand language in each and every touch point, consumers could begin to feel confused about what the brand is all about.

Your brand voice helps you deliver on your brand promise from the inside out.

Brand Consistency

Consistency in human behaviour is not derived from repetition alone; it is about the formation and recognition of coherent patterns. Patterns are the way our brains perceive actions, thoughts, memory, and behaviour to ultimately inform belief. Creating a believable and consistent brand begins with the creation of coherent patterns.

Remember that brand consistency is more than how a brand looks. It is the coherence and consistency between how the brand acts, looks, and responds.

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Rob-Barnett-Straydog-Branding-Vancouver-Managing-Director-Brand-StrategistArticle by Rob Barnett
President, Brand Strategist at Straydog