Design is much more than a noun; first and foremost, it’s a verb, with parallels in other fundamental business concepts.

visual communication of your brand

At the Straydog Branding & Graphic Design Studio we develop communications which succeed by design. Through conceptual and creative thinking and a focus on your brand messaging, we develop graphic design that is far more than just aesthetically pleasing.

Our graphic design begins with the latest in technology, software and innovations, but our values lie in old school craftsmanship. We take care in creating the perfect illustration, typography and colour palette for your brand. We’re adept at finding solutions in unexpected places and skilled at maneuvering between print, web and other mediums. We offer a complete graphic design strategy, including concept generation, graphic design evolution, illustration and vector graphics, print management and electronic stationery templates.


We’re a Certified Top Graphic Design Agency that you can trust.

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Graphic Design Capabilities

Print Graphic Design
  • Corporate Collateral
  • Package Design
  • Presentation Design
  • Interior office & Retail design
  • Print Production
  • Illustration
  • Stationery
  • Annual Report Design
  • Trade Show Design
  • Tactical Marketing & Direct mail
  • Brochures & Rack cards
  • Magazine Design
  • Newsletter Design
Digital Graphic Design

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Graphic Design Process

Discovery Session
Like our branding process, our graphic design firm's process starts by learning about your brand, your goals and your requirements to ensure that the services you receive are exactly what you need. We also discuss objectives, such as the aim of the design piece; is it to increase sales, increase awareness, better communicate an offering or encourage people join a service? All of these discussions form the Creative Brief for the graphic design.
Budget & Timing
We will work with you to balance your budget and timelines while still creating a unique and captivating graphic design. If you have a hard deadline in mind, let us know and we can discuss ways to meet your schedule.
Design Strategy Meeting
During the design meeting we will chat about your vision and ideas. We’ll dig deep and learn about your business, goals and audience. We’ll refine these discussions into ideas that will allow us to create initial graphic designs for you. It's important to note that without this strategy session and creative brief, it's a shot in the dark at meeting your vision or objectives.
Research is vital. Who's the target market? Who are the competitors? What's trendy and what type of design is best suited for your brand. Our research is time consuming but extremely beneficial, as there would be nothing worse than designing a piece that doesn't communicate to the right demographic or discovering that the design is strikingly similar to a competitor.
Sketching & Conceptualizing
This is where creativity comes into play! Where our graphic designers and illustrators must create using the creative brief and research conducted. When conceptualizing, we're concerned with the graphic style and often strategizing how we will convey deep meaning around the design and messaging.
Design Concepts Presentation
This will be your first glimpse at what we’ve created for your designed items. We’ll explain our motivation and let you take some time to form an impression before we get your feedback. We often create a few design concepts depending on your budget, as there are often several design solutions to a brief.
Design Revisions
It’s normal to request some fine-tuning here and there on your design. Colour adjustments, new font style ideas and image variations are all part of the process to ensure an end result that will suit your style and your business needs. Depending on your budget, we can develop several concepts and apply revisions to those or offer you a scaled-back set of concepts and revisions.
 Prepare for Print
Once we have your final approval of the design, we’ll prepare print-ready files. With our expert knowledge of InDesign, Acrobat, Photoshop and Illustrator we will navigate through the print production work flow, making sure your design is perfect and ready for print. Your design can printed through our preferred printers or your own supplier.
Files & Usage
Straydog's graphic designs & illustrations are developed for each individual client's project. Final artwork belongs to you, the client, upon receipt of final payment and project completion.

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