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Brands love having celebrities and social media gurus in their corner, but it’s the everyday fans and customers who ultimately make or break a brand.

Creating brand advocates should be a significant part of your social media efforts. Every brand wants large numbers of followers and fans promoting them on social channels, but few companies are willing to get out of their own way and do what it takes to gain true advocacy. [+]


Brand storytelling is about curating stories about your brand or brand experience, that gives your customers relevant and engaging content.

If customers are affected by your brand story, it encourages them to build upon those conversations and share stories of their own. When you focus on conveying your brand story, it can provide amazing new opportunities for growth. [+]


Next to differentiation, consistency is the second most important principle of branding. Brand consistency is the secret to brand success. With enough repetition, the brand is ingrained in the customer’s mind, preferably linked to things that matter to them.

If you alter or continually make subtle changes to the overall look or messaging of the brand, the important linkages and associations are likely to break down and the brand is at risk of being lost or forgettable. [+]

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