Launching a new brand? Our branding services for startups focuses on the early life-cycle stage of a company and curtailing the initial investment in brand building — so you can start trading and to develop your business faster and more efficiently.

By simplifying the process, reducing the number of components and revisions and encouraging active client participation, you will still be able to benefit from a highly strategic and sophisticated branding strategy, while meeting your objectives and budgets.

Many entrepreneurs have a lack of awareness about the importance of building a strong brand during their business’ creation process. We frequently come across startups obsessed with the importance to “go live” with one thing in mind; to start generating revenue. This driving an often foolish sense of urgency to launch quickly.

Typically, great focus is given on things such as funding, financial forecasts, logistics and market research, but relatively little is focused on branding — arguably the most critical aspect!

If people don’t like your product it is one thing – but worse, if don’t know who you are – succeeding is impossible.

Developing a brand often means putting things on hold from product launch, and we understand it is incredibly difficult for early-stage startups to justify diverting their focus away from the product for weeks or months at a time—However, a fact published by Timmons & Spinelli, 2003 suggests that if start-ups, given their usually limited initial resources, fail to establish their corporate brand on the market in a relative short amount of time, they will soon disappear from the market.

Top 5 reasons startups should invest in branding ASAP


Having a brand in place shows that you are serious about your startup—that you mean business and you’re genuine.


Anyone can design a logo in word or grab something from a stock website, but by hiring a professional branding expert to handle your branding you are committing to a professional look and feel.


A brand adds personality to your startup and can assist in creating a memorable, likable brand.


A brand identity provides consistency. Consistently communicating brand elements – logo, colours, typefaces on all touch-points is critical for recognition and recall.


A unique brand identity helps you stand out. It gives you the ability to distinguish yourself from me-too products and services, competitors or similar offerings.


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