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Brands, like dogs, never stand still, and we design innovative branding solutions that grow, evolve and thrive.

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We craft responsive Drupal & WordPress CMS website's that are on-brand, mobile-friendly and easy-to-use.

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We design product packaging that communicates and connects your unique brand message with the consumer.





Our branding guide will cover the subject of branding; what it is, how it works and how you can use it to help improve your business and perception of your service or product.

We are often asked to explain what exactly branding is and means. The simple answer is that branding is an effort to increase value by building and communicating differentiation.... got it? Read on, to learn in depth... [+]

Straydog has teamed up with The Rescue Project to design a fantastic Cycling Kit, with all proceeds supporting local animal shelters across the country. The Rescue Project brand brings together athletes who want to help save more animals and make a difference.

Supporting The Rescue Project is simple: Purchase their high-quality custom Castelli Cycling and American Apparel threads from www.rescue-project.org  — When you make your purchase, you will have the option to indicate the animal rescue of your choice and we will donate the profit from your purchase to that rescue group. [+]

The Design Studio

Straydog Vancouver Branding Graphic Design Web Design Firm

We're a rare breed. Straydog is a Vancouver branding firm that strives for big unique ideas and has a healthy obsession for the finer details of typography & design. Our disposition is not the kind that'll settle for mediocrity.

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Brochure design for SFU's Dual Degree program.
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