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Brands, like dogs, never stand still, and we design innovative branding solutions that grow, evolve and thrive.

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We craft responsive Drupal & WordPress CMS website's that are on-brand, mobile-friendly and easy-to-use.

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We design product packaging that communicates and connects your unique brand message with the consumer.





Pinterest is a social network, but it’s much different than most — Pinterest allows you to express your brand's personality in a visual way. People want to know brands on an intimate level and get a sense of their style and values, and Pinterest is the perfect platform!

Pinterest gives you the incredible opportunity to show another side of your brand and provide particularly relevant content through curation. In this article we will give you the insight you need to start evaluating the potential of Pinterest for your business & brand and how you can effectively raise awareness for your brand, drive traffic from Pinterest to your website, and connect with current and potential customers. [+]

It has become apparent that brands and their strategic branding agencies need to move faster in 2013, however we can’t move forward without considering the role of strategy in helping brands move towards success and growth in 2017.

If your business is looking to diversify its market this year, increase service/product offerings or increase brand followers, keep in mind that the first step of any business plan should be looking into the brand perspective of your target market and how it currently affects your business negatively or positively. The trust factor between you and your customers is crucial to the success of your goals and vision for success. [+]

Product Packaging must do more than simply look pretty, it must work to cut through the white noise that is the crowded supermarket shelf, and attract a potential buyer — hopefully connecting them with the brand on an emotional level.

At Straydog we're a branding agency who also specializes in packaging design solutions for a wide range of industry sectors. When we are asked to develop package design, we are often faced with client who don't realize the magnitude of the project. Many clients think that it's something that can be turned around in a number of weeks, but package design is a highly technical and time intensive process, requiring many hours of strategy, consultation, review and revisions. [+]

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We're a rare breed. Straydog is a Vancouver branding firm that strives for big unique ideas and has a healthy obsession for the finer details of typography & design. Our disposition is not the kind that'll settle for mediocrity.


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