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Straydog completes and launches Paladin Security's new websites.

For over 6 years, Paladin Security has worked closely with Straydog for all of their branding, graphic design and website design and development services. In this time, we have provided a very broad range of services to Paladin Security. From brand management, and strategic brand consulting services, to the graphic design for promotional and marketing material, and the design for all of their trade show booths, as well as the interior and graphic design for their head office in Burnaby, BC. Over the years we have also had the pleasure to be their choice for all of their website design, development and ongoing support needs. In 2012, we took their old Joomla website and designed a new and impressive website in Drupal. At the same time, we also designed and developed an internal Drupal intranet site for all of their employee online communication needs. Over the years, Paladin has grown an an incredible pace, from their humble beginnings over 40 years ago with just 4 employees and 1 contract, to over 10,000 employees today, they are now the largest independent integrated security firm in Canada, and we are proud to be their agency of choice. In 2016, Paladin began to move into the USA, which was no easy feat considering the level of competition in the US. In order for this US expansion to be successful, it meant that the Paladin brand would require some re-focus and re-fining for the US marketplace. The US is a much different marketplace, especially with respect to security, and this meant that success in the US would be dependent upon the ability for Paladin and the Paladin brand to effectively communicate their core difference and value-added benefit of being a security company focused on providing the highest standards of security service, custom-tailored to each clients requirements based on the industry in which they operate. This move also required a new brand name for the US marketplace and a new website as well, the PalAmerican website.  We also built their new US intranet site for their US employees. This expansion was also the right time for Paladin in Canada to re-focus their brand and digital presence in this country. For that to happen, we partnered with Paladin to design and develop their new Paladin Security website.

Our scope of services:

  • Comprehensive digital strategy for Canadian and US online presence
  • IA, UX and wireframing for the two new websites
  • Website design and Wordpress development for the new websites
  • Drupal development services for their new US intranet site for employees
  • Web copyrighting for both the new corporate and US websites

Straydog designs and the new brand and website for Cannabis Compliance Inc.

Cannabis Compliance Inc. is a newly incorporated company, a spin-off from NHP Consulting, which has worked with Straydog for over 8 years. With the massive and growing opportunity for the medicinal and recreational cannabis business in Canada, NHP began CCI in early 2017 and then recently asked us to develop the new "brand identity" and website for the new Cannabis Compliance Inc. company.

The result: A bold and clean brand identity. We have designed a strong CCI anogram, whereby the gaps in the letters represent the comprehensive services that CCI provide to their clients.

Our scope of services:

  • Strategic brand development and brand design services
  • Graphic design of business collateral: business cards, letterhead and envelopes, email signature
  • Design for a marketing brochure
  • Trade show booth design
  • Website design
  • Wordpress development
  • Web and print copyrighting
  • Google G-Suite and email configuration

As a guest of Kirk LaPointe on Vancouver's Roundhouse Radio, Straydog's Rob Barnett comments on the newly design City of Vancouver Logo.

Airing on Monday evening February 27th on Roundhouse Radio - 98.3 FM, Rob Barnett is interviewed by Kirk LaPointe regarding the City of Vancouver's decision to design a new city logo/wordmark, here are some treats from that interview; Asked as to whether the new logo should is a good design or not,  Rob mentions that " A well defined, well designed logo or wordmark should help to capture an audiences' imagination, it should instill a sense of belonging among it's residents and it should be beneficial for economic purposes such as tourism and business investment. Vancouver is a vibrant, progressive and naturally beautiful city. When we think of Vancouver, when visitors, tourists, residents or investors think of Vancouver, what comes to mind? The logo should reflect these thoughts and emotions. The logo should help to inspire the viewer and to communicate all the great things that are Vancouver.....this logo certainly misses the mark on that regard". Moreover, what do do city planners and key stakeholders want these people to think when they look at the logo? These are things that a brand should convey. A city brand, logo or wordmark should be a visual representation of everything that a city embodies, it's personality, it's culture, it's beauty, it's uniqueness. It's hard to see how this new logo achieves this. Vancouver is about natural beauty, multiculturalism, progressiveness, openness, our First Nations heritage, the health and vibrant lifestyle of it's residents. The logo should be a reflection of these qualities and characteristics. Vancouver is the most livable city in North American, and ranked in the top 5 in the world. We constantly score high in terms of health, education, culture and the environment. Is the new logo a good representation of this? What was wrong with the old logo? Did the city undergo an exhaustive research process to determine direction for design, did the process involve a thorough analysis of other city brands and logos, did they conduct interviews with key stakeholders, residents, investors or visitors on what they thought of the existing brand or how they view Vancouver…..what inspires them about the city, why they choose to live, visit or invest here? It’s been reported that they city paid $8,000 for this re-brand or design of the new logo. I would ask how a budget of $8,000 could support a thorough brand development process? In my professional opinion, that’s just not do-able. $8,000 would support some design, without strategy, and it seems that that’s what has occurred here.

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Article by Rob Barnett Founder & Brand Strategist at Straydog

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