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Brands, like dogs, never stand still, and we design innovative branding solutions that grow, evolve and thrive.

Website Design

Embark on Web Design

We craft responsive Drupal & WordPress CMS website's that are on-brand, mobile-friendly and easy-to-use.

Package Design

Stand out on the shelf

We design product packaging that communicates and connects your unique brand message with the consumer.





Launching a new brand? Our branding services for startups focuses on the early life-cycle stage of a company and curtailing the initial investment in brand building — so you can start trading and to develop your business faster and more efficiently.

By simplifying the process, reducing the number of components and revisions and encouraging active client participation, you will still be able to benefit from a highly strategic and sophisticated branding strategy, while meeting your objectives and budgets. [+]

A shopping mall, like any other product or service, must work to create, maintain and promote its brand. And to successfully maintain that brand, shopping mall's must work hard, be consistent, patient, clear in its brand advertising.

With so many purchasing options and channels available to today’s consumer, staying top of mind to the consumer is very important to a shopping centre, for today and for the long term. A well branded shopping centre can dominate its market, provide superior sales opportunities for its tenants, while also being more successful in attracting the most desirable tenants. [+]

You may have heard the expression “Pavlov’s Dog”. Ivan Pavlov was a Russian Scientist most famous for developing the idea of the conditioned reflex. Referred to as Classical Conditioning or Associated Response. In his experiment, Pavlov trained a dog to salivate at the sound of a bell by ringing the bell at the same time he gave them a treat. Thus conditioning the dog to associate the sound of the bell with receiving a treat.

The same can be used to create brand associations through classical conditioning. In advertising, we have a neutral stimulus, which is the brand. The Brand's Promise appeals to a pre-existing condition you have, such as hunger or happiness. In an advertisement, the brand is paired with its promise (hunger or happiness) in hopes that after you see the pair enough times, the mere mention of the brand will evoke the same response you get from the pre-existing condition; hunger or happiness... [+]

The Design Studio

Straydog Vancouver Branding Graphic Design Web Design Firm

We're a rare breed. Straydog is a Vancouver branding firm that strives for big unique ideas and has a healthy obsession for the finer details of typography & design. Our disposition is not the kind that'll settle for mediocrity.


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