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Within five months since Straydog helped launch the Hitcase brand, Hitcase closed deals with Major US and European retailers such as Brookstone, Best Buy, Fry's Electronics, REI, EMS, Zumiez, Gravis and many premier Ski Resorts across the globe.

Hitcase's success is unprecedented for a brand that is less than one year old as retailers see the opportunity for their customers to use their mobile devices in new and exciting ways. The new brand and package design has elevated Hitcase to be a key player in the Action Camera category, alongside GoPro, Contour and Drift, yet Hitcase offers something more by being built for your iPhone. [+]

As a craft brewer, marketing your brand is one of your biggest challenges. I’m betting that, like most craft brewers, you didn’t get into this business because you were passionate about the business stuff, you got into this business because you’re passionate about brewing the best beer on Earth.

There are many craft brewers that have great products but are struggling to succeed in business because they don’t have a strong brand. [+]

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We're a rare breed. Straydog is a Vancouver branding firm that strives for big unique ideas and has a healthy obsession for the finer details of typography & design. Our disposition is not the kind that'll settle for mediocrity.

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