Comprised of experienced brand thinkers + talented creatives, Straydog is passionate about delivering top-notch design.



Our Studio Snapshot

A boutique branding + design house in West Vancouver.

We specialize in launching new brands and re-invigorate existing brands. We will help you develop stronger customer connections and work to create design that is compelling and cohesive.  We believe in creating holistic brand experiences that will propel business forward!

We think and act responsibly

Social responsibility. We consume only what we absolutely need. We adhere to the latest web standards. We strive to think responsibly about everything we do.

We give back

We believe in reciprocity and giving back to our community.

We’re small

Small is the new big! We’re a tight-knit team that loves the challenge of solving our clients’ problems. We choose to work from home as much as we can to reduce our carbon footprint.

We put humans first

We build brands and digital products that solve real problems for people. Not the other way around. We employ fair and respectful employment standards.

Types of clients

We’ve worked with a variety of brands and industries, and we believe that variety keeps us fresh. A few clients we’ve worked with recently include; Paladin Security, CRAFT Floors, WAVES Coffee, Hitcase, West Vancouver Schools, Garibaldi Glass, NHP Consulting, Cannabis Compliance Inc., Bean Around the World Coffee Co., InTime Software, Bowen Island Kayaking, and the Mander Group to name just a few. We have also worked with and developed brands for many emerging companies, like Lucky Iron Fish, Rising Tide, Soji Gifts & Collectables, Shore Healing, and many more.


At Straydog, our process is pivotal to your success. We’ve developed a rigorous methodology and work flow that is applied to every project, ensuring that we consistently meet objectives, budgets and timelines. Our approach to new branding projects, revitalization programs or digital brand touch-points, is to create awareness, differentiation and preference for your brand.


Beyond our in-house staff which includes Vancouver’s top brand strategists, graphic designers, web developers and project management, we work closely with external specialists in the focused areas of Social Media, Video Production, Photography and Copy writing, Proofreading and SEO services.

Awards, Recognition




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The Pack

Rob Barnett Straydog Branding Principle and Managing Director at Straydog Branding

Rob Barnett

Principal + Managing Director/Brand Strategist

With a strong background in business + brand strategy, Rob has worked for many large brand’s including; Coca-Cola, Powerade, Sprite, Kraft, and Kleenex. Rob’s leadership has been key to Straydog’s success and growth. From shaping the company’s long term strategy to creating prosperous brands, Rob is passionate about helping clients realize their visions for growth.

Steve Park Digital Strategis at Straydog Branding

Steve Park

Digital & Brand Strategist

Steve brings 24 years of marketing experience as an agency leader and digital marketing and communications expert.
As SVP of digital for Edelman, Steve‘s role included the digital executive sponsor on Western Canadian and international accounts including: Nike, Microsoft, Milicron, HP, The Port of Vancouver among many others.

Blair Kennedy Graphic Designer at Straydog Branding

Sally Bell

Creative Director/Lead Graphic Designer

A spirited graphic designer who knows how to translate a conceptual brand promise into a stylish and memorable visual. With an eye for detail and consistency, Sally delivers designs that reinforce brand messaging. She has experience creating all forms of brand collateral (printed materials, website design, magazine layout, packaging, etc.) as well as the slightly more unusual design of presentation maps and repeat patterns.

Rik Klingle-Watt Copy Writer at Straydog Branding

Rik Klingle-Watt

Copy Writer

An award-winning storyteller, Rik’s ideas have moved product, raised money, influenced policy and inspired change. He used the lore of Belgium chocolate to increase sales for one company by over 500%, earned a Guinness World Record for another, and brought dignity to Canada’s poorest postal code. Along the way he elevated the plight of homelessness to a world stage, made a film that went viral, and sold a lot of beer.

Tim Clifford WordPress Web Developer at Straydog Branding

Tim Clifford

Web Developer

With a background in business software and large mainframe systems, Tim now specializes in front end WordPress development with an emphasis on theme building and customization to meet business requirements.

Anne Clifford Web Developer at Straydog Branding

Anne Clifford

WordPress Developer

An experienced software developer with a background in business systems, Anne now specializes in WordPress with an emphasis on customized functionality and integration of business processes.

Vivi Prasetia Digital Product Designer Straydog Branding

Vivi Prasetia

Digital Product Designer

Vivi is our digital designer building digital products that deliver value to our clients through seamless user experience & world class interface. Vivi brings a wealth of UX & IA experience to Straydog having worked with the likes TELUS, Purdys, Destination Canada, Translink, Campaign Monitor, Unbounce, and local non-profit organizations. Vivi also shares her knowledge and experience as a UX part time instructor in the Digital Design department at Vancouver Film School.

Trent Stromkins Developer & technical consultant Straydog Branding

Trent Stromkins

Technical Advisor/Drupal Developer

Trent started developing websites in the late 1990’s, moving quickly into dynamic databased driven web applications and responsive web design. Trent is our resident Drupal expert and technical advisor for everything web.


Danuta Mount

Document Specialist

As a Microsoft Word Expert, Danuta specializes in creating and designing, robust and stable templates. By restructuring content and applying templates, Danuta creates professionally formatted, branded and style compliant documents.


Michiko Tsumura


Michiko is an English-to-Japanese translator specializing in print materials & web sites. In her 14 years as a translator, she has worked on projects for globally companies such as Qatar Airways, BC Hydro and Netflix as well as many smaller or local companies and organizations all over the world.


Aurelie Grand


Skilled at brand storytelling through illustration, Aurelie has a unique style and way of using simple strokes and composition to help brands come to life.

Kodiak Straydog branding Vancouver


Vice President

( 2001 – 2013 )

Kodiak loved squirrels, sticks, and anything squeeky. He liked to think of himself as the guardian of the studio. We really miss our furry friend:)

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