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Divorce Simplified


The folks at Divorce Simplified came to Straydog in the spring of 2021. They had the makings of a great business model but were searching for the right agency to help them monetize the business. After a number of strategy sessions with the client, it was evident that their current brand visuals and website concepts (developed by a previous agency), would not work well for their audience.

Through the personal experiences of their founder, it was evident that many men and women that were going through separation and divorce in BC and Canada, were in need of a business and service that could “bring-it-all together”, and be a central resource of services and information for this marketplace. At the same time, there was a opportunity to monetize the business by charging a fee to professionals for getting their businesses and services listed on the website.

We determined that the brand and website needed a total face-lift. Their old look and feel was far too masculine and the website was far too wordy, not visually impactful nor was it easy to navigate.


The logo and brand visuals are light, simple, intuitive and more gender neutral. The logo is a stylized compass, supporting the brands’ mission as being a tool to help people navigate their way through the confusing and challenging journey of divorce.

The new website, launched in May, 2022 is bright, with a good use of photograph for way-finding and content support. The navigation is intuitive and logical, and the goal to attract and highlight service providers for monetization is front and centre.

Since the site launched, the folks at Divorce Simplified have received a significant amount of incredibly positive feedback from users regarding the design and the amazing easy of use and valuable content.


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