Through conceptual and creative thinking, Straydog produces design that is much more than just aesthetically pleasing.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design begins with the latest in technology, software and innovations, but our values lie in old school craftsmanship. We take care in creating the perfect illustration, typography and colour palette to convey your brand message. We’re adept at finding solutions in unexpected places and skilled at maneuvering between print, web and other mediums.

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Website Design

Our Vancouver web design team focuses on creating beautiful user experiences across the web and mobile devices, managing everything from the initial planning stages all the way through to final execution and launch. We build responsive websites with outstanding aesthetic design, intertwined with top-notch functionality. we also provide extensive digital marketing services to ensure that your website attracts the right traffic and improves your online presence and delivers positive ROI.

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Package Design

We believe that truly effective packaging has the potential to elevate a seemingly commoditized product into something to be coveted. At Straydog, we can help turn your strategic objectives into vibrant and irresistible package design solutions. We collaborate closely with you, working to understand your brand, your industry and category and your business goals.

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Office / Retail Branding & Design

An office or retail space’s design can equally affect customers perceptions. Brands, after all, are about the experience customers have with a product, or a company. At Straydog, we are experts in understanding how to capture a brand’s authenticity and promote it in your office or retail space.

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