We help design & create digital brand experiences, by utilizing online brand building and communication tools.

What is digital branding?

Establishing your online brand presence & message.

Digital branding is the process of preparing your brand to represent consistently online. We equip you with the knowledge to successfully market your brand online using your brand’s; tone-of-voice, visual identity, messaging and graphics. From there we can assist you in Digital marketing, which includes social media, email campaigns, paid advertising and is driven by SEO techniques. Smart brands consider the impact of these tools and how it can help them spread their brand message.

The Straydog digital branding team has experience with Social Media, social online contests, viral video marketing, search engine optimization and we’re continually keeping up with the latest trends and the most effective technologies.

We help you and your brand identify online vehicles for marketing your brand messages. Whether we have created your brand identity or you’ve come to us with an existing brand, we start with a brand discovery session and learn about you. We will look after all of the design and development of the various components of the marketing campaigns — ensuring that every aspect assists in creating a better brand experience.

Social Media Marketing

The Straydog branding team works collaboratively with the Social Media team, brainstorming, defining and implementing strategies and programs for engaging with your brands customers, partners and employees. We guide your organization through the process of building a customer experience online and increasing brand engagement by motivating key influencers and participating in direct customer engagement.

At Straydog we also believe your digital channels are not limited to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Social media is important, but we also incorporate Apps, ads and consider overall online experiences. Your digital strategy needs to be comprehensive, always leveraging the full complement of digital tools, both established and emerging.

Video Marketing

Video is a invaluable tool for communicating your brand message in a compelling and powerful way. Videos can transform a brand experience because it’s a more intimate way of communicating with your audience. With smartphones people can view it, share with friends and choose when they want to view it. Smart brands are adopting this trend and reaping the benefits. At Straydog branding, we’ve helped brands produce various types of videos, including brand communication videos, brand and product education videos, testimonial videos, and more.

QR Brand Marketing

At Straydog we help you expand your digital brand campaign by utilizing QR codes for endless digital marketing strategies.  The user can be connected within a matter of milliseconds to a mobile website, receive a text message or initiate phone call. QR codes are a simple graphic that used on any medium, can help your brand achieve instantaneous communication.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is about improving the volume or quality of traffic to your brand’s website from search engines. By optimizing a website and improving internal and external aspects your brand’s site will be ranked higher in search engines such as Google, thus allowing your target market to find you with ease. At Straydog Branding we focus on “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) SEO and by understanding your business we find the best SEO solutions that suit your market.

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