Straydog teams up with a local marine biologist who seeks to shake up the marketplace, with his whole new line of wild BC frozen Salmon, Halibut, Tuna, Sablefish and other seafood.

Straydog was contracted to develop this brand from the outset, and we’ve led in the development of the strategy, naming, identity, products, packaging, and marketing programs. As a result the W!LD brand is capturing the attention of the media and of consumers thanks to innovative design and a…wild personality!



The logo Straydog designed for W!LD is simple, yet it quickly reinforces the name and the nature of the business with its organic free-form brush strokes and subtle fish imagery. The tagline “Fresh, Sustainable, Fair Trade” compliments the name and communicates its message to the consumer.



Packaging has to be one of the most enjoyable types of projects to work on. Retail packaging for products in this category are almost exclusively in the form of pre-packaged meals with rather cheesy photography, often extremely busy and content heavy – and there’s no lack of packages that are simply boring.

Straydog worked to design a visual style for the packaging system that is both clean and simple, yet vibrant to stand out from the clutter. To complement the functional graphic design, we developed newspaper copy that’s specific to the brand messaging and the product, letting customers know that this company is an advocate for sustainable fishing,
and committed to this cause.



Straydog knows the importance of a good website when it comes to building a brand, so we focused a lot of effort on making sure that the W!LD website showcased the great products while delivering relevant information to audiences. We maintained a clean and simple design showcasing the products and photography. Additionally, we know that new products are always in development and the W!LD brand plans to grow, so it was very important that the site also have a flexible design that can be expanded as products are introduced.

Happy client.

We pride ourselves in listening to our clients, and helping them achieve their goals. On top of that, it is particularly rewarding when clients appreciate what we do and enjoy working with us. It is a pleasure to work with Zachary Semeniuk, president of W!LD, who is open to new ideas and is very focused on building a brand that delivers on its promise. We’re very excited about the work we’ve been doing with W!LD and wish them continued success as they transform the fishing industry.