Diana Mander and her team had vision of revitalizing their full-service home rental & property management business into something that would help them stand out and create focus.

Brand Challenge

Mander Group offers friendly, professional service with a boutique flavour. Their challenge was even thought their reputation in the industry is top notch, they were not effectively communicating to their consumers about exactly what they offer and the Mander experience, that is like no other.

Other challenges were there current website was difficult to update listings, change photos, and just plain out of date.

Brand Strategy

Our goal with this project was to create a brand experience and online presence that is engaging and desirable. We strategically positioned the business as a brand that not only focused on a professional full-service experience, but also focuses on their greatest quality — personalized, grass roots service.

The Mander Group takes pride in carefully searching out rental homes that fit their clients lifestyle and we developed a brand design that suggests intimate personalized service and evokes the team’s rich history and knowledge of the north shore.

The graphic design gives the brand a warm but modern feel and sets them apart from the competition. Because the brand’s logo design is based on quotations, we created a playful tone of voice for the brand which we expressed in a simple but powerful statement “I want to live…” followed by various descriptions of what consumers desire most about living in West and North Vancouver.

We built the website in WordPress with customized functionality for easy posting of listings, blog functionality, social media integration and simplified managing of content and information. This ease of use allows the team to focus on what they do best!

Brand Launch

The entire brand experience speaks to consumers in a language that build trust and likability. The rebrand will give the Mander Group valuable exposure and serve to lure its affluent customers and build trust with its clients.

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By Rob Barnett