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The Rescue Project


With a big heart and loads of passion, The Rescue Project was still struggling with sales of their cycling apparel—due to the lack of good design and marketing collateral. The Rescue Project approached Straydog seeking a Branding Agency to team up with, who was passionate about helping animals.


The Rescue Project is a collective not-for-profit effort to support local animal rescue organizations through the community of athletes and adventurers across the globe. With each purchase of merchandise and cycling apparel, The Rescue Project donates to the animal rescue of the customers choice.


We first worked to design a host of new graphic assets, refinement of their logo, apparel logos and colour palette. Our strategy for the cycling clothing design was to focus on designs people would really want to get their paws on. Colour palettes that were unisex and patterns that flattered any athlete or non-athelete's figure. We worked on several cycling kit designs ranging from a Classics Collection to a wild and crazy UnFurgettable design for the cycling fashionista! 


Our work has been an integral part of the client’s strategy to elevate its brand and sales.