Are you looking for a cool app to blow the socks off your clients? From Startups to Corporations, we have a solution for you!

How you brand your app directly reflects your company’s character.

The increasing number of smart phone owners has created a significant opportunity for businesses to communicate in new ways with their customers. With our mobile App solutions, your brand can build meaningful, personalized relationships with each and every customer.

Apps can play an important role in a brand strategy through education, showcasing your brand’s authenticity, values and enhancing your brand image by providing value to customers and creating positive associations with your company. Use your app to build relationships, and it will become a powerful sales component.

Straydog works closely with its clients to make mobile part of every marketing campaign. We’ll help you with a mobile experience that moves customers from awareness to conversion at lightning speed. We have extensive training on a marketing app cloud platform that gives you the power to deliver customized messages to customers, deploy apps to mobile devices, measure their effectiveness, and instantly update to increase your success.

App Design Services
  • iPad, Android, Samsung compatible Apps
  • Sales Tools Apps
  • Client Interaction Apps
  • Product Catalogue Apps
  • Retail Marketing Apps
  • Employee Training Apps


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