So what makes people want to buy into your brand? We have listed 4 simple steps that will help you understand
the fundamentals of creating a desirable brand:

1. Be True. Ensure that your message speaks the truth about your company. Consumers can see though the crap, so speak the truth, in everything you do, print, produce, associate with, promote and represent.

2. Be Unique. Offer them something nobody else does. Yes, this is a difficult thing, but you need to try and we can help! The world today is flooded with copy-cats, being one of those will get you nowhere, it’ll only force you to compete on price, and we know what that does
to brands.

3. Be Consistent. Your Brand is your reputation. Brands, like reputations, are built on being able to deliver a valued and consistent relationship. Your brand should always speak the same message…represent your uniqueness, support your mission, map out your vision. Communicate this same message at every touch point:  your print material, your website, your employees behaviour, your management style…everything! Brand Strategists know this, and they live and breathe this to continually build your Brand.

4. Get Involved! Your tribe, your clients, your customers, they’re all speaking about your brand, you need to be involved in that conversation as well. You need to be involved in that conversation on their terms…Social Media, and the Mobile Web. Today, people want information quickly and easily. Through social media and the Mobile Web, your brand gets involved in the world that today’s consumers live in. Communication and messaging in this world spreads instantly – we are all much more likely to opt into a tribe (a Brand) that our friends recommend, are already engaged in, and that speak in our language.

A great example of a solid brand is Harley Davidson...


Remember – People don’t like to be sold – they like to buy.

At Straydog Marketing + Design, it’s our mission to get companies to focus in on their communication efforts. Selling is about pushing products and services, but success is far better achieved by having people buy into your Brand. Your “followers” will then spread the news in waves, to their friends, to their social and economic community, and to their “tribe’.

As Marty Neumeier points out in his fantastically popular book, Zag,  in a marketplace of me-too products and services, people don’t seek features and benefits so much as a tribal identity. “If I buy this product”, they seem to ask, “what will that make me?”

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