It is no surprise when we talk about humans as emotional creatures. A casual glimpse into a persons cosmetic cabinet, garage, or closet reveals that consumers make purchasing decisions based on their feelings and emotions about particular brands.

It is much easier to maintain customer relationships than pursue new ones. The enhanced financial benefit that can result from customer loyalty is significant, but how can companies achieve this benefit — brand emotion!

Brands such as Apple, Harley Davidson and Coca-Cola all recognize that their brand is essential to building a relationship with their customers and they never cease to capitalize on this opportunity. They focus on building and maintaining a consistent brand that people simply cannot do without, or would miss it if not there.

One critical value marketers and execs often miss when examining business metrics is emotion. There are no analytics or standardized tests for emotion, but it’s the holy grail for brands. If you can evoke a positive emotional connection from your customers, you win.
Word of mouth marketing travels fast if you can create something that people feel a connection to. Branding helps to engage your customers on an emotional level for the products you sell.

Brand emotions have powerful financial consequences ranging from purchase habits to frequency and amount of repeat business. Fully engaged and emotionally attached customers spend more and return more frequently than those who are disengaged. Albeit, these emotional connections are not static, they ebb and flow, and the results can affect a company’s long-term business success. Thus, brand “passion” is not simply a topic that provides for interesting reading, and brand passion not an atypical emotional response — something reserved only for atypical brands operating in atypical marketing environments.

Emotional brand connections are, for any company that plans and hopes to compete, a business necessity.

Some companies are very good at creating emotional connections with their customers and those that are successful benefit from stronger results, not only in cash flow and profit, but in market share. If we tap into emotion, we can impact behaviour. Emotional connections are universally important and if your brand can manage those emotional bonds effectively it pays off handsomely.

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