Brand Camp is a two-day intensive branding workshop for entrepreneurs, CEO’s and organizations who want learn how to define their company’s unique position in the marketplace

Straydog’s branding experts will facilitate the brand workshop and engage the participants in a series of exercises and discussions aimed at uncovering key insights about your company and brand.

The purpose of Brand Camp is to help you uncover brand insight, and get a fresh perspective on the way you communicate with the world. By leading the participants through a series of principles, exercises and thought-provoking talks, Straydog will help you to understand ways that you can bring energizing change to your culture, your brand, and your business.

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Brand Camp Join

Who should attend

For those people that are responsible for the strategic direction of the company, Brand Camp is essential. But it’s also essential for all other employees that have either direct or indirect contact with your clients, your customer, and the media.

From brand management teams to CEOs, entrepreneurs, marketing directors, new product leaders, HR directors and anyone responsible for corporate or brand success. Brand Camp will provide you and your employees with the required knowledge and understanding of your Brand, so communication is “on Brand’ and “on Target”.

Brand Camp Lessons

What You Will Learn

We will introduce the definition of a brand and provide an invigorating knowledge transfer of business strategy and how to build an amazing brand—a brand for which customers believe there’s no substitute.

During two days of discussions and exercises, workshop participants will learn what it takes to be a radically differentiated brand and gain the strategic foundation for further brand activities such as; messaging, brand architecture, naming, design and a variety of communications strategies.

Brand Camp Networking

Networking & Mingling

Brand Camp is held at Whistler, BC — a natural metaphor for reaching high and achieving greatness. We encourage participants to dream, relax, appreciate and connect with like-minded individuals.

Mingle with fellow campers and share experiences, ideas and knowledge. Whether or not you work for the same company, the process and policies of effective brand management is the same. When we learn from other people’s experiences, we’re all better off.

Brand Camp Meals

Meals & Refreshments

Included in the camp fee are snacks and beverages throughout the day, as well as a fully catered lunch. Fresh, delicious and memorable! Evenings are free time for you to work on course material or relax, socialize and enjoy the many fantastic Whistler restaurants.

Brand Camp Accommodations

Location & Accommodations

Brand Camp is held at Whistler Resort and Hotel Accommodation is included in the fee. Your Brand Camp experience should be a memorable one, and we believe Whistler is an inspiring location for learning and reflecting! If you prefer to attend a Brand Camp in Vancouver, please let us know.  

Brand Camp Accommodations

The Take-home

The tangible outcome of Brand Camp is a comprehensive written brand brief outlining every important aspect of your brand in a clear and simple way. Brand Camp will equip you and your company with valuable knowledge and insight, allowing you to combine your business strategy with your brand strategy ensuring that you maintain and build upon your brand.

Brand Camp Details


$2850 One Person
$4200 Two People (from the same company)
*Price includes lodging, lunch and snacks during the two days. Subject to change depending on location and the # of attendees.

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