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At our branding studio we believe brands are fundamental to a competitive business advantage in the marketplace. Businesses who effectively manage their brand are better positioned to drive brand preference, create loyalty and command a premium.

Consistency in brand expression is one of the most important benchmarks for success. As touch-points increase and consumers become more sophisticated and perceptive, brand managers play an increasingly essential role by ensuring a cohesive experience, both graphically and verbally speaking, every time it interacts with a customer. [+]


Launching a new business is hard work. Each day your tasks include landing new customers, clients or investors, answering the flood of emails and phone calls and managing clients and contractors — all the while having cash-flow-related panic attacks.

With all these daily tasks continually eating up your precious time, it leaves little room for focusing on developing your brand strategy, brand identity and your vision. At Straydog we see this predicament on a daily basis — here’s a brief overview of the process for new business branding… [+]


I know what you’re going to say, your new product is brilliant, it’s a game-changer and you’re unbelievably passionate so it’ll surely be a success! Problem is, if you don’t have the right business & brand strategy in place, that passion often doesn’t translate into profits.

Starting your own business is exciting, but you’ll need to spend some time developing a solid business concept, business plan, brand and marketing strategy. We’ve put together a synopsis of how to create a successful brand and company. [+]

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